Our Mission

At Resumation, we believe that everyone deserves a resume that's as unique as their career journey. We're not your average resume builder – we're the rebels of the resume building and career preparation worlds! With our AI-powered tools and low cost upgrade option, we'll help you create a resume that tells your unique story and opens the door to your dream job.

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Meet the Resumation Team!

Carlos Beatty Jr

Carlos Beatty Jr., a co-founding partner of Resumation, is a master of blending technology and resume writing expertise to help individuals navigate the complexities of the job market. Driven by his own early career challenges, he is committed to empowering people to succeed in their professional journey. When he's not crafting resumes that make employers take notice, Carlos enjoys reading, spending time with his family, and lending a helping hand to job seekers in local bars and cafes.

Jeremy Warner

Jeremy is a co-founding partner of Resumation, with a background that's a perfect blend of business strategy, software development, and digital solutions. He's the guy who turns initial concepts into a functional and scalable application, using his collaborative approach and strategic vision to shape Resumation's journey from concept to a leading-edge tool for career development. When he's not busy making things happen at work, Jeremy enjoys hitting the trails for a hike and spending quality time with his family.

Our Resumation Journey

A Spark of Innovation

Resumation was born from our burning desire to shake up the job search game. Our co-founders, who've been around the block in tech, consulting, and engineering, saw a common thread of frustration: crafting, tweaking, and customizing resumes for every job application is a total drag. They dreamed of a world where job seekers could shine a spotlight on their real potential without getting tangled in the weeds of resume writing. Drawing on their experience in resume writing, recruiting, and career preparation support, our founders set out to create a platform that would revolutionize the way job seekers approach their applications. With Resumation, we're committed to delivering a fun and professional experience that helps you craft a resume that's as unique as you are. Below is our story:

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